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Nik Ethridge  Independent Health and Wellbeing Consultant MCNHC MNCM MNSPsy

Welcome to ‘Talking Therapy Solutions, the Bournemouth based, home of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Positive Change.

I am an anxiety specialist working across a wide range of stress-related conditions.

I can help you overcome or change those things in life that hold you back using some of the most current Hypnotherapy and Change approaches.

Being based in Bournemouth Dorset provides the perfect setting for positive change, with appointments available across the region, nationally or online via SKYPE.

If you have any anxiety-related condition, want to make life changes or have a dream or goal you want to achieve you are in the right place, simply read on and give me a call.

My approach is informal and my aim is to provide an approach that is as unique as you are, to make lasting changes happen in the fastest time possible… Allowing you to live the life you want! Give me a call its FREE to have a chat and the welcomes always sunny in Bournemouth….. what have you got to lose?


What are Hypno - Therapies ?

Hypnosis is a totally natural state that we all experience throughout the day, its that experience we have when we are just about to fall asleep, or when we arrive at work having not recalled the drive there.. Hypnosis is safe and effective it simply requires you to listen to the voice of the Hypnotherapist, and focus on what they are saying. Your subconscious mind always has your best interest at heart and will simply make changes that are more beneficial to you. Working in hypnotic states or states that require your full attention allows us to work at a deeper level,, this approach is really effective when working with issues that hold you back such as panic, fears, phobias, habits etc
Hypnotherapy includes a range of approaches that enable you to make lasting effective positive life changes, overcome unwanted memories, change unwanted habits, build confidence and live the life you want.

Talking Therapies

Talking therapies are great when working with long term embedded issues that you need to understand and put into a new perspective

Coaching Therapies

This approach include the best of both, while identifying issues that prevent you from achieving your goals while being coached in ways to overcome you can soon achieve your goals

I provide a range of different approaches that can be tailor made to meet your individual requirements - an approach that is as unique as you are ! I work flexibly and informally to help you reach your goals. From overcoming long standing fears through to changing the way you feel about an unwanted memory or experience I aim to help you move on in your life. Check out my testimonials to see what people have said about working with me, and make that call today....For a FREE, no obligation Chat call 07982 945 642