August 24 / 2020 / 8:00 PM

Hypno-psychotherapy is the perfect blend of approaches and techniques that enable lasting, positive life changes to be made.

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From Clinical Hypnotherapy in managing health and wellbeing through to more psycho-therapeutic approaches such as Mindfulness, Rewind and NLP approaches, Fast Phobia cures through to Life, Relationship or Employment Coaching an integrated practitioner can pull together the essential parts of different approaches to provide you with a unique services that fully meets your needs…this is where a Hypno-psychotherapist really is different from many other therapists.

Hypno-psychotherapy is the blending of a range of both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to provide the best possible approach to meet your needs.

After all, we are all unique individuals and not a one size fits all society, as our needs differ, so do the approaches needed to help us overcome those issues that hold us back in life – this is where the Hypno-psychotherapist fits perfectly..

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So, what is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is one of the oldest forms of creating positive change, there are many misconceptions around what it is and what its not – but with Talking Therapy Solutions we keep things simple.

Hypnosis is that state that we experience when reading a book or driving to work and then not really recalling the journey, it leaves us feeling relaxed and able to manage life better.

Hypnosis is simply a ‘state of heightened awareness’ which is created by you simply following the voice of the Therapist into a relaxed and focused state.

During Clinical Hypnotherapy we use this relaxed and focused state to access our abilities that  to overcome things that have either stopped us moving forwards in life or create us problems.

Great for Fears and Phobias. Unwanted Habits such as Smoking, Alcohol or Diet problems, Self worth or Low self esteem through to those well known phobias such as Fear of Flying or travel, Public speaking or having to make that important wedding speech…. what ever holds you back, Hypnotherapy can help..

and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one of the ‘talking therapy’ approaches that your practitioner may well use when working with you.

There are many different types or approaches in psychotherapy, we use an integrated approach. This means that rather than using just one style or way of working we have trained in a variety of different approaches that allow us to meet your individual needs.


We have moved on from the beliefs of Freud to a deeper understanding of how what we think and feel actually affects the physical as well as mental body. By exploring the links between our development and the situations we want to change Psychotherapy can help us to unlock and better understand not only what has led us to be the way we are but also how we change change things that hold us back.

We follow a psycho-educational approach in that through exploration and experience you learn how to manage those issues that have affected you in a more positive way, often being able to leave them behind and move on in life.