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‘The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are’


So what is, Integrated therapy? 

Well, integrated therapy can help across a wide range of anxiety related conditions as it is adaptable to meet your specific needs and not just ‘a one shoe fits all’ approach.

It means that rather that just using on method or approach I have trained in a variety of different approaches that all ow e to integrate these together.

Every Client seen is unique and as such the approach I use to help you will be as unique as you are.

As an integrated practitioner I have a tool box of different tried and tested approaches that I tailor make into a unique package just for you.

This means that you remain at the centre of everything we do, your appointments are flexible to meet your needs, are relaxed and informal and yet productive in helping you to achieve your ambitions, goals and things that you want to overcome or change in your life.


Some of the areas I can help may include:

This is a sample of the issues that I work with, but any issues that holds you back may benefit from a talking therapy solution, just give me a call to discuss your personal needs.

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Fears and Phobias can be not only distressing but can hold you back from fully enjoying life. 

A phobia is an irrational response to a given stimuli, and as such can be anything that cause you to panic, avoid or fear it. Things such as Spiders, Dogs, Flying, Travel through to Cotton wool in fact anything that causes you a panic response


A panic attack is an extreme response to any given stimuli, resulting in our fight or flight defenses kicking in. A panic attack can include feeling sick, shaking, fearing death, being sick, sweating, having problems talking or thinking, hyperventilating, hitting out or running awa


The majority of things that cause us issues also cause us anxiety. This can range from day to day living or stress through to more specific anxieties such as relationship or employment problems, home life, financial worries, sexual identity, anger or feeling out of control, not being able to cope, changes in circumstances all and many more cause us anxiety.

A little anxiety can be good in our lives as it can help motivate us and prepare us for action, however when this becomes too much it can cause us to feel powerless, frightened, out of control, worthless and stop us living our life to the full.


A habit can be anything that we have a compulsion to do. This can be a good thing when the habit may be beneficial such as living a healthy life style. However when the habit is damaging it can present issues, and in itself being a habit can seem difficult to stop or break.

An integrated therapist has a vast array or techniques that can help stop the unwanted habit, or help you to focus and more onto a preferred response. 


A health diet can be difficult to balance in this modern world, we are tempted by so many wonderful food stuffs as well as so many wonderful looking model images through the media. 

In order to be healthy both mentally and physically we need a balance, a balanced diet, a balanced life style and a balanced mind set.

There are many successful approaches that can be built into a tailor made package just for you to help you achieve your healthy goal.


It is said we are born with two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. When you think about that you can see why…. however as we develop and experience things in our own life time we can develop irrational fears that stop us living fulfilling lives


Long term pain can be one of the most demanding and debilitating issues to live with. Strangely it is now known that often old pains is something that the brain has just recorded as a warning and keeps sending out a pain message to get it fixed… In these situation we can utilise the subconscious mind to switch off those pain messages  as no longer needed. 

OP2G is one of the newest techniques that is proving successful in stopping unneeded pain signals being sent resulting in a return to normal. This approach cannot do harm as it will only work with old pain such as an old sporting injury or accident injury, slipped discs that have been treated or old returning  muscle pains etc


Performance anxiety requires a special approach as it is a blend of anxiety, fear and identity.

This affects many performers such as sports people, actors or musicians through to people taking exams such as driving tests, entrance exams, school or college assessments etc.

By working with the anxiety and the identity we build up the self confidence while reducing the anxiety resulting in you being well placed to achieve your goal


We all know how we feel after a bad nights sleep, but when this happens night after night after night it can become problematic.

Poor sleep not only affects how we feel but also how our bodies function as a lack of sleep impacts on our immune system making us more at risk from illness and infection.

It also makes us more vulnerable to other stressors such as anxiety, stress, anger or low self esteem from not feeling able to cope due to being tired.

Having a range of both cognitive and change techniques at hand we can soon have things back on track.



Low self esteem can affect anyone at anytime, and when it does it can change the way we feel about our self and our place in the world. 

Utilising a specific approach such as IEMT allows us to work at uncovering the cause of the identity issues and resolve it.

Change work is one of the most exciting approaches to have come out of psychotherapy development in the past years as such its fast, effective and works.



Be it fear of flying, travel by ship, by train or car travel phobias can really impact on your quality of life and alos on the quality of life of those around you.

Not being able to travel can vastly limit your options when planning holidays, wanting to see friends or relatives or simply travelling to the shops or to pick the kids up from school.

Freedom to travel where you want when you want can soo be restored by using a mix of change approaches – resulting you in getting your life back in the fastest time possible


If its holding you back an integrated therapist can probably help you move forwards.

Unlike a  specifically trained therapist, an integrated therapists has trained in a variety of modalities and approaches that enable them to meet a variety of different needs.

Contact me today to overcome whatever holds you back