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Testimonial Dr Benjamin Hunt PHD MSc BSc; Neuro Science Neuro Imaging Nik Ethridge is a highly skilled individual with experience in a number of different therapeutic settings. His great professionalism does not distract from his warm and personable nature.. Clients will benefit from the multitude of techniques that Nik has trained in; ultimately meaning a speedier attainment of their goals, or resolution to their issues. Dr Benjamin Hunt PHD MSc BSc
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I cannot thank Nik enough for what he has done for me. He has changed my life and that of my long suffering husband. Only two weeks ago I was totally petrified of flying. I have: A) Refused to fly b) cried all the way through a flight C) NEVER sat in a window seat D) hyperventilated so much that a doctor on board had to give me oxygen. I was a total nightmare to travel with. After only two sessions with Nik. I have A) Got on an aeroplane with no anxiety B ) Taken off and landed with a smile on my face C) Sat in a window seat and watched whilst we took off and taken photos out of the window. D) Enjoyed my first flight with absolutely no issues at all even when we encountered turbulence. I highly recommend Nik to anyone with issues flying, but you have to want it to work, you have to be open minded. If ever miracles exist, Nik is one of them.
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S James MBE.
Hypno - Nexus for Smoke Stop Nik is incredibly calming, he makes you feel at ease immediately. I must admit I felt so relaxed afterwards and in control. I highly recommend ILC. Thank you Nik
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Hypno- Nexus Approach for Fear of Flying Nik Ethridge is an amazing person ,he made my trip to Colorado the best trip ever i was so scared of flying it would make me feel ill way before the day i was flying ,I could not believe how relaxed i was , i also missed a flight through no fault of my own ,and i was still fine when i finally got to my destination. So thank you again Nik for all your help .
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OP2G / Rewind for Fear of Needles Hey Nik, Just wanted to thank you for helping me get over my fear of jabs. Since I had those sessions with you I feel more confident in other things I had worried about, which I shouldn't have been. You really helped me out and I would recommend your work to others.
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Hypno - Rewind for Dental Phobia: 'Nik, things have been very manic here but wanted you to know ******** went to the dentist on Tuesday and actually had two very deep fillings, the dentist took his time, over two hours, and made her really relaxed but she used your technique for the injection and the fillings and she did it, she didn't bite the dentist and was really good. S
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Coaching and Tutoring feedback; Once again thank you for your positive and insightful feedback. I can honestly say that you feedback has enabled me to enhance my learning at an even deeper level. You truly are the best and I feel honoured to have you as my tutor. Counselling Student
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For years anxiety re Travel and motion sickness. I cannot rate Nik, Hypnotherapy enough ! After years of suffering anxiety related to travelling and motion sickness I can finally say its gone for good! After only one session a few days before I was to travel i felt no symptoms of sickness at all. I even managed to enjoy a boat trip without feeling sea sick, it was amazing and I could actually have fun. I defiantly recommend Nik. R.D
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Hypnotherapy and IEMT for Smoking and other issues Wow what can I say !! Never believed in Hypnotherapy and never thought it was going to work on me, as I am a difficult person to believe in these things, but how wrong was I. You made me feel comfortable, safe, calm, and relaxed. I am still not smoking and just feel like I am in control of it and not the other way round. As for IEMT well it all makes sense now, who would of thought, all those years and not realising the trigger. My life will never be the same, better for it. Thank you, Nik, for opening all sorts of possibilities. MRC
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Re Public Speaking Phobia. I saw Nik regarding having ongoing anxiety when having to speak in public. I actually had an event planned that was causing me to become more and more anxious the closer it got. However I saw Nik and after only two sessions the anxiety has gone, Nik also taught me a really good self help technique should I feel anxious at any point in the future I would recommend Nik to anyone. Thank you so much
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